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SEK is a second to none screen process frame manufacturer in China

Quality standard:
Outside Dimension:+/-1MM(+/-0.04”)
Square ness:+/-2。
Flatness:-0. 10MM(-0.004”)
Welding:Firmly,no water infiltration
Finish:Grinded on mesh side
Package:Plastic tape or carton or wooden case(for exporting)


We have manufacturered precision screen printing frames since 2002 and continue to develop our products in order to meet the most demanding specifications in different applications. We offer a range of over 50 frame sections to meet and exceed the needs of all screen printers;SEK series aluminum frames mainly adopt the material of“口”“日”&“田”and across type,the aluminum frames are made of high-tension&hardness aluminum alloy materials with National standard.All frames will be light,resist—tension,resist—chemical,clean easily.!   We are now offering Coated Powder Frames, Anodic Oxidation Frames, Sandblast Frames, Anodic Oxidation and Sandblast Frames for customers' special requirement.

Vacuum Exposure Unit

Screen Dry Oven

Manual Screen Washout Booth

Light Platform

Film Thickness Tester

Automatic High Precision Film Placer

Aluminum Track Precision Stretching Machine


Magnifier series

Fabric Tension Meter


Adhesive glue


Aluminum Squeegee Handles

Double Sizing Scoop Coater

Steel wire screen

SMT Pre-stretched Frames

Conventional Polyester Screen

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