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We provide professional screen-making service for the customer Screen is widely use in textile printing, electronic components printing, billboard printing, glass printing, PCB printing and other industries.


Produce process chart Mesh Stretching 1.Set up frame on the table. 2.Unite mesh on the frame. 3.Heave in the mesh by stretching machine. 4.Bonding mesh and frame. 5.The mesh cut in accordance with frame size Emulsion Coating 6.Cleaning the mesh. 7.Measure the thickness. 8.Reading for coating process. 9.Coating the emulsion. 10.Measure final thickness Exposure 11.The film adhere on the coated mesh. 12.Put into developing machine. 13.Give developing time. 14.Hold up developed mesh. 15.Washing Inspection 16.Measure final produce of quality. 17.Packing. 18.Delivery

Vacuum Exposure Unit

Screen Dry Oven

Manual Screen Washout Booth

Light Platform

Film Thickness Tester

Automatic High Precision Film Placer

Aluminum Track Precision Stretching Machine


Magnifier series

Fabric Tension Meter


Adhesive glue


Aluminum Squeegee Handles

Double Sizing Scoop Coater

Steel wire screen

SMT Pre-stretched Frames

Conventional Polyester Screen

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